Polyester fiber cotton
Flame retardancy

Conform to FMVSS 302,DIN 75 200

ISO 3795,Burning rate<100mm/min

EN45545-2:2013,Conform to R1,HL3(≥200mm)

Heat resistance -50℃ TO+400℃
Thermal Conductivity/EN 12667 ≤0.036W/(M.K)AT 10℃
Density/DINEN29073-1 8-24kg/m²+20℃

Polyester fiber cotton

Polyester fiber cotton is mainly made of flame-retardant fiber materials. This series of products integrates our company's many years of production experience, introduces new production equipment, adopts special technology, and is compounded with special special aluminum foil on the surface to enhance its tear resistance. The back is compounded with flame-retardant water-based adhesive, which has high compressive deformation resilience and strong plasticity.

It is easy to cut, and different styles of shapes can be easily reflected. The color and characteristics are close to nature, and the formaldehyde radioactive safety certificate issued by the national testing agency is a green and environmentally friendly product in the true sense. The construction and installation are convenient, and the ideal sound absorption effect and decorative effect can be achieved through simple basic operations such as sticking, drilling, planing, and nailing. Reduce the overall project cost and construction period.